Multinational companies looking for actuarial expertise tend to assume that they need to go to a multinational firm for advice.  Here at EURACS we believe that there is an alternative model that can work just as well, if not better.  We are a network of firms, all independent of each other, and all proud of our own identity, but who have for many years worked closely with one another to share technical expertise and to co-ordinate advice to international clients.

Our firms are all locally managed (and usually also owned) which means we have a long term commitment to our “home” market as well a high profile locally and an in-depth knowledge of our local markets rather than just being a “postal address” for advice that is written elsewhere.

Our members currently cover 16 European countries/regions, as well as South Africa, Tunisia and several other African countries (and we are actively seeking to recruit new members in other countries).  Working alongside our sister organisations, NORACS, which covers North America, and APACS, which covers the Asia Pacific region, we are able to undertake actuarial work on a global basis while retaining the benefits of a local feel.